Conversation with Native Speaker

Do you want to lose fear of talking and understanding? Verify your active contact skills with us, nice and cool?

The Native Speaker conversation is ideal in this case. English has many forms and dialects, and therefore it is not always the same. You can be easily surprised by the way words are spoken, you do not understand the phrases, and the individual words in them do not make sense to you. It is essential to be perfectly in touch with the spoken word in contact with people whose native language is English.

If you think you already know grammar from A to Z, but you still have some difficulty understanding quick speech or expressing your thoughts, then it's time to forget about classical language courses and let yourself take a casual yet intense conversation. Our native lecturers will invest a lot of time to get a sense of tangle of words, get the habit of talking without the need to translate sentences from the Slovak language and have the confidence to express themselves to native English or Americans.

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