Forget stress, ENJOY learning

Forget a solid timetable, fixed topics and stressful tempo of learning. We know that effective learning of foreign languages ​​can not be a further load for you. That's why, enjoy the freedom of learning that makes us happy. We take full account of your possibilities and demands and create an individual plan for you.

Each of us has different language skills, someone wants to understand the inscription in the city, another wants to talk about a holiday, another to prepare for work abroad and another to discuss the issues.

At the beginning of all PARNAS language courses, we will take your needs and opportunities in detail, familiarize yourself with your current knowledge of the language and propose an optimal curriculum. You set the pace of the lessons as well as the theme.

Our lecturers are ready to discuss with you in a foreign language, explain your grammar, and deeper look at idioms and phrases. Many of PARNAS language school lecturers themselves have been staying abroad and know what the beginnings are. But they also know how our self-confidence and effort can move forward, so you always have to feel comfortable in their presence, just like in a circle of friends.

Language courses are organized in groups with a low number of students, usually up to 6 students. Smaller groups allow you to eliminate fear from an unfamiliar environment, get to know each other quickly, and thus improve the experience of the group as such. At the same time they have an individual approach and an increase in the effectiveness of teaching through frequent interactions between you, other students and lecturers.

Come to take a free look at our lessons in Bratislava or Zilina and discover what a great free school to do.