Tailored Language Courses

Do you need people who will have the knowledge of language in a specific area? Do you need to achieve that at a certain level in particular time?

It is usually necessary for staff to be send, traineeship or long-term work abroad. In Slovak, they have a good command of professional terminology and working practices. Abroad, they need a SPECIAL LANGUAGE MIX to be able to meet normal living needs but also professionally, even if it is easier to talk about work.

Similarly, this form is advantageous for TOP management, in case of partnerships or acquisitions by foreign companies. Although in this case the work is in Slovakia or the Czech Republic. LANGUAGE MIX in this case will be more oriented to formal language and the need for negotiation and corporate communication at the management level.

Similarly, it may concern foreign workers who will work in Slovakia and need such a LANGUAGE MIX but in the Slovak language.

Based on our experience, we can provide you with advice and provide the necessary training. We will suggest, together with you, what process and under what conditions and results to be achieved.

Place of event: normally Bratislava, Žilina, agreement whole SR, CR
Duration of the course: by agreement by setting goals based on needs
Intensity: intensive form
Suitable for: any level
Number of students: usually up to 6
Price: Call us

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