Translation is about more than converting text into another language!

The process we use ensures high quality text in the target language, standardized and unified terminology. Often, translation can be a better document, or it can also improve the source text. These benefits are most appreciated by our customers. We would like to introduce you in more detail of our practices and technologies that we use.

We translate Areas
Dokumentation Telecommunications
Correspodence Information Technologies
Contracts / Agreements Engineering
Presentation Automobile industry
WEB Pages

Electrical engineering

Localization is most often used for larger software projects and for translating manuals, manuals, and tutorials. Localization of translations takes into account local rules, conditions, habits, which is different from the translation itself.

Localization almost always uses CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools. We will be happy to advise you on the best use in your business.

Prooffreading - Language correction has several levels. By default, every correlation is general or also called basic, which includes spelling, trickery, terminology used, and basic understanding of the text. Another possible correction is native speech control, which is important for better stylization and leads to easier understanding of meaning. Professional proofreading deals with specific terminology in technical texts, and can usually be dealt with by the proper description of functionality, for example.

The used correction decides the purpose of the translated text, from general informative translation, through published public texts, to precise instructions on instructions for instruments or devices.

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